Newbrick Consultants is headed by two directors, Edwyn Thomas and Gavin Draycott both of whom have vast experience in residential property and degrees in Building Surveying and Land Management respectively.

Newbrick Consultants is comprised of four teams and is spread across two offices.

The St Albans head office is client facing and is home to the client liaison team and dedicated portfolio account managers. It is also the base of our commercial lettings front, Newbrick Property Management, which offer a centralised lettings and management service for our clients’ properties throughout the UK.

Our regional office based in Nottinghamshire houses our most valuable asset – a dedicated team of property buyers, deal analysts and negotiators who source property to meet our private clients’ specifications. Finally in this office we round off the company with the refurbishment and maintenance team who manage the works through our vast network of approved trades and service providers.


After working together for six years building their own successful property portfolio and while working on numerous independent property acquisition and management projects, in early 2007 the directors, Edwyn Thomas and Gavin Draycott formed Newbrick Consultants.

Over the last 10 years, between them the directors of Newbrick Consultants have:

  • Conducted over 5,000 residential property surveys
  • Completed over £50 million worth of property transactions
  • Purchased, renovated and sold more than 350 properties for themselves and joint venture partners
  • Successfully built and managed numerous property portfolios for themselves, joint venture partners and private clients totalling over 280 properties.
  • Averaged purchase prices of 30% BMV (below market value)
  • Purchased properties from estate agents, private individuals as well as from the majority of leading auction houses in the UK
  • Become registered Landlords under the London Landlords Accreditation Scheme

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