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As leading professionals in the UK property market many clients seek out our consultative services to help them maximise the returns on their investment capital.

As such we offer a bespoke, guided ‘Private Investment’ service which provides clients their own individual Investment Consultant to ensure their capital is employed in the most efficient and high yielding manner.

For our private investors we conduct rigorous market analysis to identify appropriate markets and strategies in which to invest.


2014 has shown a great revival of confidence in the UK housing market, creating a buoyant and liquid investment market ripe for executing a ‘Buy to Sell’ strategy. This has been influenced by a variety of stimulating factors, such as the government Help-To-Buy scheme and many environmental influences including historically low interest rates.

With many of our Private Investors looking to increase their capital funds we find the current climate of the UK property market offers the perfect conditions to exploit short-term Buy to Sell investment strategies.

With high liquidity in the UK property market our Private Investors are finding our Buy to Sell investments to offer very quick turnarounds on their investment and as such they are enjoying high annualised returns.

For more information on our ‘Private Investment’ services please contact our offices using the details below.

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